Everything you need to track an existing shipment or prepare for one in the future.

  • Downloadable Documents

    Download a collection of Canadian, U.S. and NAFTA trade forms available in Adobe PDF or Microsoft XLS/Word Document formats. Many of these forms can be completed online and printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader® or Microsoft Office® software applications.

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  • Tracking Links

    Don't know the tracking page for your selected carrier, this helpful page of links may just have what you need for access to all air, freight, rail, ocean and truck couriers offering this online service.

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  • Helpful Links

    Get up-to-speed with the latest information about major customs programs, emerging cross-border initiatives and international trade agreements.

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  • How To Guides

    Read our helpful guides and find out what you need to know about trade compliance and importing vehicles and goods into Canada.

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  • Utilities

    Open an account, pay invoices, track shipments and more – our online tools make it easy to manage your trade activity with GHY.

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