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A Trade Deal in Distress: It’s Time to Save NAFTA, Say Business Groups

Posted October 24, 2017

(Perrin Beatty, Maria Fernanda Garza & Peter Robinson via The Hill)

As neighbors on the North American continent, the United States, Canada and Mexico share a responsibility not only to promote and safeguard the interests of their citizens, but to work together to constantly improve the bonds among our three countries. For more than two decades, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has stood as a symbol of that shared vision.

As representatives of the American, Mexican and Canadian business communities, we believe that NAFTA has helped our respective companies and workers become more globally competitive and has significantly strengthened the North American economy, benefiting citizens of all three countries.

At the same time, we support efforts to improve and modernize NAFTA. As a 23-year-old agreement, it needs to be updated in key areas to better address the challenges and opportunities of doing business in today’s environment. Click here to read more.

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