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After Bank of Canada Hikes Rates, What Happens to Canadian Dollar?

Posted July 10, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Solomon Israel – CBC News)

If you’re planning a summertime trip to the U.S., keep a close eye on the loonie next Wednesday. That’s when the Bank of Canada is widely expected to increase interest rates, a move that generally attracts foreign investment and boosts demand for a currency, pushing that currency’s value higher.

The Canadian dollar was worth 77.61 cents US on Friday after rising by slightly more than 0.6 of a cent. Exactly how high could the loonie fly after the Bank of Canada makes its anticipated move?

“There’s still room for the Canadian dollar to gain,” said Adam Button, a currency analyst with Button expects the loonie to head close to 78 cents after an interest rate hike, and as high as 80 cents over the following month. Click here to read more.

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