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Agreeing on How to Disagree is One of the Biggest NAFTA Debates

Posted August 17, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Tonda MacCharles – Toronto Star)

It’s ironic that one of the biggest disputes in redrafting a new North American free trade pact is how to resolve disputes.

Then again, perhaps not.

Trump says the deal is a “disaster,” “unfair,” “catastrophic” and “the worst deal ever.” Canada says it’s been an “extraordinary success.”

Trump says American workers and industries have been the biggest losers in NAFTA and his hit list of “trade objectives” includes eliminating a key dispute resolution mechanism altogether.

Canada says Americans have been well-served by the deal overall, and Ottawa wants not only to keep the dispute resolution provisions but to beef them up, perhaps even add chapters on labour and environmental safeguards to the main deal, making them enforceable. Click here to read more.

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