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Amazon Delivery Drone Would Dismantle Itself in Sky, Rain Down Parts

(Ethan Baron – Mercury News)

Nobody wants a drone falling on their head, especially if it’s a drone large enough to deliver packages for Amazon.

But the e-commerce behemoth clearly sees a future in which bad things happen to good technology, and a malfunctioning drone ought not plummet from the sky.

Better to let it fall piece by piece.

Amazon has just received a patent outlining a possible plan for “directed fragmentation for unmanned airborne vehicles” used in deliveries.

“The use of UAVs is accompanied by the need for new solutions to various problems, such as service disruptions due to unsuitable weather conditions, equipment malfunctions, and other problems,” said the text of the patent, which the Seattle firm applied for in June 2016 and received Nov. 28. Click here to read more.