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Amazon Leasing Ships in Future is Inevitable, Says Transas CEO

(Frank Coles via Splash 24/7)

Let’s go back to basics. Shipping is the transportation of goods, cargo and parcels from producer to consumer. Maritime forms only one link of the shipping chain – albeit an essential link for the long distance and intercontinental movement of large volumes of goods or cargo.

What happens next in the maritime sector will be determined by more than an aspirational digital vision. It will also be profoundly affected by changes in the political and economic climate. Together, these will create various, difficult to predict feedback loops in the shipping and maritime ecosystem.

The maritime industry is not unique; it is just late, old and behind the times. That makes it especially vulnerable to disruption from the likes of young digital start-ups. Even if it evades that onslaught, it will still be exposed to pressures and demands for digital transformation from elsewhere in the shipping supply chain. Click here to read more.