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America’s ‘Check Engine Light’ is On, Says New Film About Failing Infrastructure

(HDT Truckinginfo)

America’s roads and bridges aren’t far from failing. And when that happens, the country will have about five days of normalcy before the trucks stop rolling and chaos ensues.

That’s the alarm being sounded by a new documentary out now on Amazon called “Be Prepared To Stop,” which takes a hard look at the failing U.S. Interstate Highway System and paints a grim picture of a society unable to function if the trend isn’t corrected soon. The result would be a crippling depletion of food, drinking water, medicine, fuel and other daily necessities, according to Jennifer Clymer, co-director and executive producer of the film. Airports would close, trash would pile up, industrial production would stop, public transit would end and the country would come to a standstill.

“‘Be Prepared to Stop’ is a documentary about our absolute dependence on infrastructure, specifically the Interstate Highway System,” Clymer explained. “We rely on those roads and the big rigs rolling down them to supply us with just about everything we use every day.” Click here to read more.

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