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Appellate Court Ruling Shows Canada’s Anti-Bribery Law Has Teeth

(Julius Melnitzer – Financial Post)

The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld the first conviction of an individual and the first conviction following a full trial under Canada’s anti-bribery statute.

Before Justice Charles Hackland of the Superior Court of Justice convicted Nazir Karigar in 2013 and sentenced him to three years in jail, the three previous convictions under the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act were against companies that had pleaded guilty. The Karigar case was therefore the first to test several elements of the legislation, which became law in 1998, at a full-blown trial.

The appellate court decision upholds Hackland’s key rulings. In doing so, the appellate decision clarifies that the Canadian legislation has broad application and a lot more teeth than critics might have said. Click here to read more.