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Behind the Scenes: Why Trump Changed His Mind on NAFTA

Posted April 28, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Richard Madan – CTV News)

The call came in yesterday around dinnertime – top staff at the Prime Minister’s Office were notified President Donald Trump had a “one-hour window” to speak about NAFTA.

Already worried about strained Canada-U.S. trade relations, Langevin Block was caught off guard hours earlier after U.S. media reported the Trump administration would start the process to withdraw from the trade accord, rather than try to renegotiate it. It was a worrying prospect for a PMO that spent months on a U.S. “charm offensive” – only to see it fall flat.

Eager to respond, the PMO kicked into overdrive.

One senior official said they were driving home from work and pulled into an empty parking lot to patch into a secure line through the PMO switchboard, which in turn patched through to the White House. Click here to read more.

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