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Commentary: Canada Badly Needs Champions for Free Trade

Posted May 01, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Rob Breakenridge – Global News)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was all smiles Thursday in Saskatchewan as he faced questions about how he single-handedly convinced U.S. President Donald Trump to not blow up NAFTA.

Well, not exactly single-handedly. The president of Mexico helped, too. So did Trump’s own commerce and agriculture secretaries. Oh, and not to mention several top Republican senators.

But in his public remarks, Trump did specifically cite his admiration for Trudeau as one reason why he agreed to renegotiate NAFTA instead of withdrawing altogether.  Apparently, Trump was all set to pull the pin on this NAFTA grenade this weekend, as a way of marking his 100th day in office. Fortunately, sanity appears to have prevailed — at least for now. Click here to read more.

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