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Canada to Decide on Potential Free Trade Agreement with China

Posted September 07, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Marie-Danielle Smith)

While all eyes are on NAFTA, Canada is trying to move quickly on trade in the Asia-Pacific, with decisions on a China free trade agreement and an updated TPP coming this fall.

Diversifying trade with market access in Asia would offer major opportunities to Canadian business, say experts, and send a signal to the United States that while the North American Free Trade Agreement is important, Canadian exports can go elsewhere.

“The world is rushing and has been rushing to China’s door since China’s own economic miracle began about 15 years ago, and we need to have a foot clearly in that door,” former Conservative trade minister Stockwell Day told the Post. “To not be dealing with the fastest-growing economy in the world, in terms of sheer volume, would just be folly.” Click here to read more.

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