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Congestion Costing Trucking $63.4 Billion a Year

(Steven Martinez ‑– HDT Truckinginfo)

Traffic congestion added more than $63.4 billion in operational costs to the trucking industry in 2015, according to the American Transportation Research Institute’s 2017 Cost of Congestion update.

This number represents a significant jump from ATRI’s 2016 report, which quantified added operational costs at $49.6 billion in 2014. In 2015, the trucking industry experienced more than 996 million hours of delays on the national highway system, up from 728 million hours the year before. To put it in perspective, this lost productivity is equivalent to 362,243 truck drivers sitting idle for an entire working year, according to ATRI.

As much as 91% of congestion is in urban areas. This problem is made worse by increased e-commerce, which translates into more trucks on roads in urban areas. Click here to read more.

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