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Countries Should Act Now to Avoid Social Disruption from Autonomous Trucks: Report

Posted September 06, 2017

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(HDT Truckinginfo)

Autonomous trucks could reduce the demand for drivers by 50 to 70% in the U.S. and Europe by 2030, says a new report issued by the International Transport Forum on the advantages – and challenges – that emerging self-driving vehicle technology will present in the coming years.

ITF is an intergovernmental think tank with 59 member countries that focuses on global transport policies.

According to the report, trucking companies in the U.S. and Europe are projected to need 6.4 million drivers by 2030-- but autonomous technology could eliminate as many as 4.4 million of those jobs. The report also found that autonomous trucks will help save costs, lower emissions and make roads safer. Click here to read more.

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