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Dockworkers Close to Reaching Early Deal on Contract, Bringing Relief to Retailers, Shippers

(Rachel Uranga – Long Beach Press Telegram)

West Coast dockworkers are close to approving a contract extension nearly two years before it expires, a move hailed by retailers and shippers who want to avert labor strife that could hurt the wider economy.

On Friday, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union said preliminary results from a vote taken earlier this month showed 67 percent of their members support extending their current five-year contract until 2022.

The news comes nearly three years after contentious negotiations resulted in a major backlog of cargo ships outside the harbor.

“Nobody wants to see a repeat of the problems that were experienced in 2014-2015, and this remarkable sign of good faith on the part of both labor and management ensures that such a situation will be avoided,” said Jon Gold of the National Retail Federation. Click here to read more.