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Dramatic Changes Are Coming for Detroit’s Big Three

Posted May 19, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Paul A. Eisenstein – NBC News)

Bigger is better, or so goes the automotive industry maxim that has seen manufacturers race across the world chasing ever-larger sales numbers.

So why is General Motors selling off its operations in Europe and South Africa, closing its Russian plants and halting sales in India? For many of the same reasons why Ford has tried to redefine itself as a “mobility company,” rather than an automotive manufacturer, while Fiat Chrysler goes looking for a new partner and has hinted it might even sell off its two most profitable brands.

“As the (Detroit) Big Three look out at the landscape, they see dramatic changes coming in the concept of mobility,” says Joe Phillippi, a veteran Wall Street auto analyst and now the lead at AutoTrends Consulting. “They are desperately trying to figure out the future business model and how they will fit in.” Click here to read more.