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Drones That Pass Packages to Each Other Could be the Future of Home Delivery

Posted May 01, 2017

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Brett Williams – Mashable)

If Amazon has its way, the skies could soon be buzzing with drones, carrying our online purchases directly to our doors.

But today’s drones can only travel so far — so what happens when you live out of range of a distribution hub?

On Wednesday, IBM Research announced a patent that might someday allow delivery drones to pass off packages to one another mid-flight to create a relay system, extending a supply chain’s reach even farther.  

The design calls for the relay drones to be equipped with extension arms, which would connect and lock in mid-flight to keep the package transfer stable. The drones would also have a sophisticated communications link built-in, which would likely be connected to IBM’s Watson’s supply chain and logistics system to keep things flying smoothly. Click here to read more.