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E-commerce and Bricks-and-Mortar Rivals Jockey for Space – Online and in Malls

Posted August 30, 2017

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Ian Putzger – The Loadstar)

As e-tailers move into retail spaces, their bricks-and-mortar rivals are advancing online, according to a new study.

Despite a long-standing focus on moving high-end fashion and luxury goods, in recent years Canadian forwarder Rodair International has seen the rapid development of channels for online purchases – but lately this sector has involved moving equipment to set up and furnish retail stores for clients.

“We have broadened our scope. We are doing a lot in store construction and on the project side,” said CEO Jeff Cullen.

Volumes of items ordered online are still on the rise, but the growth curve is not as dramatic as often assumed, and flows to physical retail outlets has not shrivelled up, he added. Click here to read more.

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