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Industry Issues Guidance for Carrying Cargo in Non-Refrigerated Containers

(Canadian Shipper)

Two leading container industry bodies, the Container Owners Association (COA) and the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS), supported by the leading freight transport insurer, TT Club have published an in-depth guide for those seeking to use refrigerated containers in non-operating mode to carry commodities not requiring temperature control. The Guidelines give extensive advice on the risks involved and correct packing to protect both container and cargo.

The use of ‘non-operating reefers’ (NOR) is common practice in the industry and has significant impact in reducing empty re-positioning costs for container operators. However both COA and CINS are keen that all involved, including shippers, forwarders, packers and terminals are fully appraised of best practices in the use of such containers. TT Club, in maintaining its commitment to minimising damage and loss in freight transport, is pleased to have contributed to this valuable guidance.

This new document entitled “Guidelines for the Carriage of Cargoes in Non-Operating Reefer Containers” outlines in detail the caution that must be employed in using NORs considering the difference in design between a reefer container and a regular General Purpose (GP) unit, noting specifically the internal dimensions, vulnerable insulation, weight distribution and expensive refrigeration machinery. Types of NOR cargo need to be approved and recommendations are given as to which should not be carried either because of risk of contamination or the inability to secure them sufficiently. Click here to read more.

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