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ISM Report Takes Deep Dive on Impact of Harvey on Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Sectors

(Jeff Berman – Logistics Management)

Soon after Hurricane Harvey struck a wide swath of Texas and surrounding areas, it made a significant impact on supply chain and logistics operations in the Gulf Coast, an impact that the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) labeled a “disaster that will impact the U.S. economy far beyond that of the Gulf Coast.”

In its Supplemental ISM Report on Business Hurricane Harvey Report, the ISM asked members of its Manufacturing and Non-Manufacturing Business Survey Committees to assess how Harvey may impact various business metrics and whether they may be impacted by shortages of input materials resultant from Harvey.

A top-level takeaway of the findings provided by ISM CEO Tom Derry cited things like ongoing challenges for United States companies with pricing, supplier deliveries, and certain commodities. But countering that, though, Derry explained, there is also some reason for optimism in the form of data showing that there will be “relatively minimal” impacts on production, new orders and employment. Click here to read more.

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