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Japan to Host TPP Pacific Rim Trade Pact Talks, Minus the U.S.

Posted July 11, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Elaine Kurtenbach – Associated Press)

Members of a Pacific Rim trade initiative rejected by U.S. President Donald Trump are to hold working-level talks Wednesday in the Japanese mountain resort town of Hakone, west of Tokyo.

The three-day meeting among envoys from the 11 remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership follows a breakthrough last week on a Japan-European Union trade deal seen as a repudiation of the U.S. moves to pull back from such arrangements.

Last week, Japan named a new chief negotiator for TPP talks, Kazuyoshi Umemoto, a former ambassador to Italy. [...]

Other TPP members hope to make progress on an alternative that does not include the U.S. before an Asia-Pacific summit in Vietnam in November. Click here to read more.

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