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Leftist French Lawmakers Take CETA to Constitutional Council

(Georgi Gotev – EurActiv)

More than 100 French MPs decided yesterday (21 February) to appeal to the country’s Constitutional Council to block a contentious free trade deal between the European Union and Canada.

Supporters of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) say it will boost economic growth and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic. But opponents say it will lead to a race to the bottom in labour and environmental standards and allow multinational corporations to dictate public policy.

In a statement, 106 leftist members of France’s National Assembly said the accord implied a transfer of sovereignty by signatory countries “beyond what they agreed upon in favour of the EU”.

The MPs are from the French Green party, including Cécile Duflot who served as minister under PM Jean-Marc Ayrault, former Socialists, radicals and left-wingers from the Front de gauche. Click here to read more.

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