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Mexico’s Booming Aerospace Industry Not Sweating NAFTA

(Agence France-Presse)

Arturo Avila toiled and suffered to build his Mexican start-up into a thriving aerospace company – and the last thing he’s going to do now is lose sleep over Donald Trump’s NAFTA threats.

Avila is the founder of Altaser Aerospace, one of more than 300 companies that make up Mexico’s small but booming aerospace sector, which has grown 179% since 2009 to become a $19-billion industry.

These companies, which provide some of the millions of highly specialized parts that go into every commercial airplane, have thrived under the North American Free Trade Agreement – the 23-year-old deal the United States, Mexico and Canada are trying to revamp this week in Mexico City, at Trump’s behest.

Last year, Mexico’s aerospace industry exported more than $7 billion in parts – nearly triple the $2.5 billion it exported in 2009. Click here to read more.

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