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North American Rail Shippers Announce Meeting Theme

(Canadian Shipper)

“Achieving Agility in a Dynamic Environment” will be the theme for the Annual Meeting of the North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) to be held May 23–25, 2017 at the Parc 55 Hilton Hotel in San Francisco, California.

The two-day meeting will feature keynote presentations from Association of American Railroads Chairman Lance Fritz, who is president and CEO of Union Pacific, and Pat Ottensmeyer, president and CEO of Kansas City Southern.

The program will also include presentations focused on key issues facing the freight rail industry. Topics addressed at the meeting will include intermodal transportation, rail industry modernization, growth markets, energy insights, railcar outlook, and the regulatory landscape.

“Logistics managers face an ever-changing environment in which deregulation, evolving material sources, and global customer reach create a complex matrix of options and dynamic pricing,” said NARS President Richard Dodd. Click here to read more.

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