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Spot Rates for Asia to US Containers All over the Map, but In General the Trend Remains Down

(Supply Chain Digest)

Ocean container shipping rates are not quite as in the toilet so far in 2017 as they were the previous year, but the trend line remains down, and container carriers will continue to struggle to find profitability in 2017.

That in the end is the takeaway from a recent rather rambling post on rates in the Drewry Container Insight blog, though the analysts at Drewry believe that overall the container carriers can do a bit better in 2017 than they did financially in the disastrous 2016, though rates will still stay low for shippers.

Drewry’s East-West Freight Rate Index, which is a weighted average of spot rates in both headhaul and backhaul lanes from its Container Freight Rate Insight database, was up by 40% versus the same period last year, as shown in in the graphic below. Click here to read more.