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Stephen Harper’s No-Good Advice on NAFTA

Posted October 31, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Stephen Maher – Maclean’s)

Stephen Harper should write a book and take a break from writing memos.

The former prime minister, an astute political analyst who wrote one book in his spare time, could fill in some blank pages in our history books and settle scores with his many foes. And it would give him something useful to do instead of clumsily inserting himself into our political debates as he did this weekend.

When voters decided he should spend more time with his family and less time running the country, Harper set up a consulting firm, Harper & Associates, and followed in the footsteps of Jean Chretien, who had a profitable business going, slapping backs and making deals in unsavory corners of the world.

But Harper was never a backslapper, and although he scores speaking gigs and offers advice to Republicans, it’s not clear that he is making it rain as a consultant.

People who make their livings working the trade file see the memo as a clumsy sales pitch gone sideways, not a considered public critique. The memo, headlined “Napping on NAFTA”, found its way into the hands of the Canadian Press’s crackerjack Washington correspondent, Alex Panetta, on the weekend. Click here to read more.

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