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Summit Reveals No Easy Answers to Dairy Industry Woes

Posted June 28, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Jim Massey – The Country Today)

If organizers of the University of Wisconsin System’s first Wisconsin Idea Summit thought last week’s event focused on the dairy industry was going to solve all of the industry’s woes, then they probably went home from the summit disappointed.

The 200 people in attendance learned quickly that there are no easy answers to the problems that have plagued the dairy industry for decades. If there were easy solutions, they would have been implemented long ago.

But that didn’t prevent summit participants from laying out some of the issues and discussing potential ways to tackle them. During the six-hour summit, 18 university, agency and agriculture organization officials stepped to the microphone to express their views on the state of the dairy industry in 2017. Click here to read more.