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TCA Implores Congress Not to Raise Truck Weights

(Dave Cullen – HDT Trucking Info)

The Truckload Carriers Association reiterated its support of the current five-axle, 80,000-pound federal gross vehicle weight limit for trucks in an April 5  letter to the leaders of both the Senate Committee on Appropriations and the House Committee on Appropriations.

TCA President John Lyboldt wrote the lawmakers that the association and its trucking company members are “concerned about allowing freight-shipping trucks to carry a maximum of 91,000 pounds with the addition of a 6th axle, up from the current 80,000 pounds standard.”

While conceding that this idea is an attempt to improve trucking productivity, he contended that “it clearly would only benefit a minority of carriers, while forcing the rest of the industry either to divert critical resources into these new configurations or risk becoming obsolete.” Click here to read more.