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TPP Partners Reach Agreement on ’Core Elements’ of Pacific Trade Deal

Posted November 13, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(John Paul Tasker – CBC News)

The 11 Trans-Pacific Partnership countries have reached an agreement on “core elements” of the trade pact, namely that all countries will adhere to strict labour and environment standards, a development Canada is championing as a major breakthrough after talks broke down earlier Friday.

A final agreement in principle is still in the works because the countries have not settled on all aspects of the deal.

The original TPP, which is currently under renegotiation after U.S. President Donald Trump pulled America out of the deal, included strong provisions that demanded all member countries eliminate child and forced labour, adopt and maintain laws and practices governing “acceptable conditions of work,” and uphold the right to collective bargaining.

But some countries, including Malaysia and Vietnam, sought to opt out of such provisions during the talks, something Canada felt was untenable. Click here to read more.