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Trump Flips on Campaign Promise to Label China as Currency Manipulator

Posted April 13, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Adam Kelsey – ABC News)

President Donald Trump publicly reneged Wednesday on a pledge he delivered with consistency throughout his presidential campaign – his promise to label China a currency manipulator.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the president said the decision came in consideration of talks with China over its role in countering North Korean weapons testing. Trump said that any move to attach the designation could hamper China-U.S. relations. He claimed that, in recent months, China’s currency manipulation has halted.

Trump regularly insisted he would confront China over currency manipulation throughout his presidential campaign, ranging back to 2015. The action to “direct the Secretary of the Treasury to label China a currency manipulator” is still listed as part of “Donald Trump’s Contract with the American Voter” on his campaign website. Click here to read more.

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