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Trump Holds Key in Softwood Shakedown

It’s hard to see how U.S. President Donald Trump – a belligerent and fact-challenged supporter of American interests over anything else – will improve B.C.’s chances for reaching a new deal on softwood lumber.

Then again, he may not be any worse on this file than was the Obama administration that preceded his ascension to power.

That strange take partly explains the fingers-crossed, glass-half-full pronouncements from Premier Christy Clark on this issue in recent days. She says the Obama administration essentially refused to discuss a new softwood deal for the past year, preferring to spend 100 per cent of its attention on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

By contrast, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his officials managed to get the softwood issue onto the agenda during his recent (and apparently successful) meeting with Trump. Click here to read more.

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