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Two Trucking Groups Raise Questions About Autonomous Big-Rigs

(Dalton LaFerney – Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

This past week two influential trucking groups published guidance on the development of autonomous big-rigs, including some concepts that continue to make motorists uneasy.

The American Trucking Associations and the American Transportation Research Institute released research notes that are among the first to explore the nuances of self-driving trucks. Most of the autonomous vehicle conversation has focused on cars and pickups.

Overall, the industry pitch to the government and the public has emphasized that America’s highways will become safer as fewer human errors clog up the roads with congestion and crashes. Both research notes call for the nation’s travel infrastructure to be improved and updated, so self-driving vehicles can safely navigate to their destinations.

“Shifts of this magnitude do not come often – and may prove to be as momentous as the building of the interstate system and deregulation,” the American Transportation Research Institute study said in its conclusion. Click here to read more.

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