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UPS, U.S. Customs Fight to Keep Worldport from Becoming Drug Port

Posted March 02, 2017

Under International Trade Issues, U.S. Customs Issues

(Eric Flack – Wave3-NBC News)

Hundreds of millions of dollars of drugs are coming through Louisville’s largest shipping hub.

Federal agents work around the clock with the help of UPS to keep the Worldport shipping facility from becoming a drug port. Now, a dangerous new trend at that hub is threatening the safety of workers, officers and the residents of WAVE Country.

Often, it is in the overnight hours that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers do their work, trying to find narcotics hidden in the hundreds of thousands of international packages shipped though this processing facility on a daily basis.

The sea of boxes at Worldport conceals a drug trade that stretches around the globe, from the back rooms of Mexico to clandestine labs in China. The new age of drug lords is selling their product on the Internet and trying to sneak those drugs into the United States through shipping facilities all around the country. Click here to read more.