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Why This Acquisition Makes Delphi Automotive a Self-Driving Beast

(John Rosevear –

Giant auto-industry supplier Delphi Automotive said that it has agreed to acquire nuTonomy, a Massachusetts-based self-driving start-up, for $450 million.

This is a significant deal, one that could help Delphi move into the forefront of providers of self-driving technology – and one that may give it new ways to bring its technology to market.

NuTonomy, founded in 2013, is a spinoff of research from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its focus has been on applying artificial-intelligence expertise to the development of software for self-driving vehicles. It has about 100 employees, roughly 70 of whom are engineers or scientists.

NuTonomy has been testing its self-driving cars in one of America’s most challenging urban environments: Downtown Boston. Click here to read more.