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Will Americans Let Trump Destroy U.S.-Mexico Relations?

Posted March 08, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Margarita Zavala via Washington Post)

Almost two months into the Trump administration, the United States has a choice. Does it want to continue a strong partnership with Mexico? Or will it throw away years of a successful, peaceful and mutually beneficial relationship due to the ignorance of its president? Normally this would not even be a question. But these are not normal times. When the American president can undo with a tweet what has taken us decades to build, Mexicans have to wonder whether the United States is a reliable partner and what the future of our relationship will look like.

President Trump insists on framing U.S.-Mexico relations in simplistic and disrespectful terms. In his view, it is a zero-sum game, with Mexicans “taking advantage” of their northern neighbors. He fixates on the border and talks about Mexico as if it were a war zone, a threat from which the United States needs to wall itself off. Yet despite the sensationalist picture he paints, the U.S.-Mexico border has never been more secure. Net Mexican migration to the U.S. is negative, and not a single terrorist act has been committed in the United States by someone who crossed the Mexican border. As a historical ally, we have worked with both our southern and northern neighbors to ensure border security. The notion that criminals are streaming across the U.S. border is a fallacy put forth to win votes. Trump’s order to build a wall is offensive: a ludicrous solution to a nonproblem. Click here to read more.

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