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With His New Trade Representative in Place, Trump Eyes ‘Massive’ NAFTA Changes

(Canadian Press)

The president told an interview with The Economist that he intends to proceed quickly after Lighthizer’s confirmation: Trump intends to file a 90-day notice with Congress, work with it on negotiating priorities, and start talks with Canada and Mexico later this year.

“The clock starts ticking [with Lighthizer’s confirmation],” Trump told the magazine, before the vote. The administration has begun signalling that it wants significant changes in a range of areas, including dairy, lumber, automobiles, pharmaceuticals and the dispute-resolution system.

Trump interjected when an interviewer suggested it sounds like he wants a big renegotiation.

“Big isn’t a good enough word,” the president replied.


But that desire for a “massive” renegotiation is butting up against the mundane realities of the political calendar. The U.S. and Mexico have both expressed a desire to get a deal by early next year, before the Mexican election. Few observers believe a substantive renegotiation is possible within a few months. Click here to read more.