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With NAFTA in Limbo, Small Businesses Have to Keep Looking for New Markets

Posted December 05, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Dan Kelly via Financial Post)

When people think about international trade, their minds often turn to the big car manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or brand-name clothing retailers with suppliers all over the world. Seldom do they think of the small Canadian architect who wins an overseas bid or the mid-size Greek honey supplier who ships several cases of product to Canada every year.

But small and medium-size companies like those make up a growing percentage of international trade numbers, and Canadian SMEs are no exception. In fact, according to fresh CFIB data, more than two-thirds of small Canadian firms imported products or services over the past three years, and one-third exported either products or services. While the U.S. was far and away the largest import and export market for Canadian SMEs, there is growing small business trade with regions oceans away from us. Click here to read more.